Assist Marketing announces staff expansion and trade fair preparations for the coming main season

Assist Marketing has announced targeted large-scale staffing and preparations for the upcoming stacked trade show season. The company’s expansion will span a variety of industries and channels.

Assist Marketing, one of the leading events staffing agencies in the United States, has announced an expansion in staff to meet the demands of the busy trade show season. The company has also released a detailed look at the rigorous preparations Assist management is making to ensure well-attended events.

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That support marketing team is aware of the importance of the trade fair season and is therefore preparing to fulfill its responsibility towards customers. Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for new and emerging companies to showcase their products and services. event staff Companies like Assist Marketing make it possible to have experienced professionals on hand.

Trade fairs and similar events also offer older and established organizations the opportunity to present newly revised marketing strategies or product lines.

Regardless of the degree of organization, trade fairs are the ideal framework for companies to gain the much-needed presence. Trade shows also allow teams to learn from industry peers, hear what other companies are doing and network with the right players in the field when needed.

Assist Marketing is a nationwide events staffing agency with an ever-growing pool of highly skilled professionals. Under the competent supervision of experienced Assist Marketing management, the staff is ready to serve the company’s customers at trade shows across the country.

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The Assist Marketing team is well trained and qualified to staff the exhibition space on behalf of clients and help companies make the most of this opportunity. The preparation includes a proper assessment of the venues, audience and customer requirements, as well as selecting the right staff for the show. The team also comes with appropriate equipment and materials to cover the exhibition event.

Consumer engagement, lead generation, and product demonstrations from Assist Marketing’s experienced moderators, moderators, and speakers, among others, help set businesses apart in more ways than one.

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A trade show manager from Assist Marketing explained the benefits of proper representation at a trade show, saying:

“Trade shows are a cost-effective way to showcase your brand and sell your product. Trade shows are deceptively simple, inexpensive solutions to promoting your brand with a modest booth, some technology attachments, and sales charm. In reality, however, they require much more. Trade shows are open to a wide and diverse audience, not just the general public. This gives companies of all sizes a platform to showcase their product or service to a larger audience where professionals can do it the difference.”

He further explained that the company is always prepared for the busy season and Assist Marketing Management continues to inspire its large workforce to outperform the competition during the upcoming trade show season.

“We keep our team motivated. We have a system in place to ensure continuous training, education and practice to guarantee results.”

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support marketing is a Chicago-based major Personnel agency for events, which focuses on the customer and his needs. The company has managed to build a sizable footprint over the years by focusing on helping customers get what they need with real-time communications rather than solely relying on the use of technology. Additionally, the company has a track record of employing the most talented and brilliant minds in the industry, enabling them to deliver client insights that would otherwise not be possible.



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