Pepper + Vetiver’s best-selling summer décor collection is now available

Home and kitchen decor to bring warmth and serenity to people’s homes

Pepper + Vetiver’s bestseller summer decor The collection is now available online to bring warmth and serenity to people’s homes.

All homeowners understand the importance of furnishings and decoration as an intimate expression of their personal style and aesthetics. People’s homes are their safe havens, personal sanctuaries where they can relax and rejuvenate with loved ones during the hot summer months. At the same time, with modern style and great attention to detail, they can evoke a spirit of hospitality in their guests.

This also includes giving the interior unique accents in line with timeless trends. And there the summer collection was presented Pepper + Vetiver comes into view. Since its inception, Pepper + Vetiver has aimed to transform people’s homes into sanctuaries filled with warm, neutral tones and tranquil natural elements. The home and kitchen decor brand consistently simplifies the home decorating process with summery decor items that not only represent quality and sophistication, but are also affordable and elegant to suit all tastes.

Pepper + Vetiver

Online shoppers will find a wide range of stunning summer kitchen and dining items that will take their style and design quotient to the next level. Curate living room and bedroom decor products that shine and work well in any season of the year in both traditional and contemporary homes. Pepper + Vetiver also features influencer collections reflecting the must-have summer staples of the world’s favorite interior design bloggers.

Wall decor is a staple of summer interiors that continues to impress. From digital artworks to fabrics, macrame mirrors, and floating display shelves that are multifunctional, Pepper + Vetiver delivers some of the best seasonal options found in wall art. With the help of Solstice decor, people can bring a vacation-like feel to their home while also blending seamlessly with the theme of their existing interiors.

The Pepper + Vetiver Summer Décor collection is designed to relax the atmosphere with its elegant and sophisticated style. And each of these pieces can be a statement in its own right as an eye-catcher in any room of the house. Discover a Mirabella footed bowl, a black + natural Pomeroy wood bowl and a Mabel cake stand + glass dome for some of the elegant offerings in this collection that can work wonders for people’s interiors.

The Carlye Tiered Tray is another such offering in the collection that has become an online decor favorite. That Black tray is an indispensable home accessory in a modern metal design for the stylish presentation of household items. The two-tier tray can be used in multiple rooms to organize everything from bathroom accessories and cosmetics to salt and pepper grinders and more. There are many other stunning options available online including the summer collection which can be found at

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