Pest Control Is The Process Of Removing Pests

Pest control is the process of eliminating unwanted animals and other organisms from your home, garden, workplace, and agricultural areas. It is a multifaceted science that involves the identification, assessment, and control of pest populations at different levels.

Pests – Rodents, Insects, Mosquitoes etc

The most common pests to invade homes are rats and mice. Termite inspection OKC can cause damage to food, wood, and pipes in your home. They can also chew electrical wires, which can lead to fire hazards. They may be carriers of diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrom, Leptospirosis Salmonella, Plague, and Leptospirosis which can cause serious health problems for humans.

Moles – Ground Cover, Trees, and Bushes

Mole problems usually begin with the discovery of tunnels or holes in your yard or lawn. They also chew tree and shrubs, causing divots cracks and sinkholes. These critters can be difficult for you to get rid of so make sure to consult an expert mole specialist.


In order to determine when or how much control is required, the number of pests and the damage that they cause are often measured on a daily basis. This can be done either by trapping or by scouting.

Threshold is the minimum pest level that warrants action in a particular area. This is often based in esthetic and economic considerations. It can easily be determined from an analysis of existing conditions like temperature or moisture levels.

Control strategies can be applied to a variety of different kinds of pests, from small insects to large mammals. Pest control aims to reduce unwanted animals and organisms as much as possible while improving the quality or quantity of life for all inhabitants.

Biological Control

Classical biological controls are the deliberate introduction of species that can parasitize or kill other pests. For example, braconid flies that kill oriental fruit flies are one example. They can also serve to control pest populations if there is no chemical solution available or other mechanical methods, like trapping.

Pheromones can be used to control pests and monitor their movements. They have been proven to attract certain types to traps or other locations. They can also help to stop some insects from reproducing.

Trapping – You can use baits and spike traps to trap moles in your yard. This method can be very effective in eliminating mice, but it must also be done with care to ensure maximum success.

Gopher Control – Pocket gophers may be killed by gas cartridges or aluminum phosphide. These methods can be very effective in getting rid pockets of these rodents. However they should not come into contact with pets or people due their noise, destruction underground plumbing, and other potential hazards.

Natural enemies – In many areas where pest control is a problem, natural enemies such as birds, fish, snakes, and fish can be a valuable resource. They can also help control pest populations in agricultural areas, where chemical control is not feasible or pesticides are too toxic.

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