The Different Types of Concrete Leveling

If your concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio has started sinking or lifting, you may need to have it leveled. Uneven concrete can be a trip hazard and a safety concern for you and your family. A professional can restore the original level to your home or business quickly and safely.

Slabjacking provides an affordable and effective way to fix uneven concrete slabs. This process is less invasive than pouring new concrete and can be completed quickly without disrupting surrounding landscaping.

Unlike slab replacement, which replaces the entire slab, slabjacking repairs only the underlying foundation, filling voids that cause concrete to settle over time. The result is a much more durable repair than a brand new concrete slab, and it costs about a third less.

Mudjacking also works to level concrete, but it requires two-inch holes in the ground that can lead weeds and cracks. Polyjacking, however, is the preferred method in the U.S. for leveling cement. It takes longer and can be messy.

It’s also a safer option than mudjacking since it uses eco-friendly, non-toxic polyurethane, which expands underneath the concrete as it dries. This makes the job easier for the contractor and can save time and money compared to other concrete leveling techniques.

This process is fast and effective, but it can be messy. The contractor must sweep the soil prior to starting the Concrete Leveling Contractors Mentor process. All cracks and openings should be sealed. This will prevent the self-leveling compound from leaking and causing damage to your property.

If your safety is a concern, or that of your neighbors and employees, it’s best to hire a licensed and fully insured concrete contractor. These professionals are familiar with the safety requirements of your area and will be able to complete your project safely.

Concrete leveling can be used on any concrete surface from a garage to a pool deck. It can be done in any weather condition and is very durable, so the concrete will stay level for many years.

A-1 Concrete Leveling is a concrete leveling company that has been serving the Cincinnati area since more than 30 year. They have helped homeowners and business owners keep their concrete floors in great condition. Contact us for an onsite consultation to get an estimate on your property.

Self-Leveling Compounds

Many homeowners are tempted to try DIY concrete leveling. It is a quick and inexpensive way to restore the look of your concrete surface, but not recommended for large projects. If you want to tackle a DIY project, you should only use concrete leveling material that is specifically designed to be used with concrete.

You can use a trowel to apply the compound, but it is best to spread out evenly with your hands. The compound dries very quickly and only a short window of time is available before it begins to harden, so you should mix it quickly and apply it in small sections to ensure that it does not dry too fast.

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